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Event Types

How may the Victorian Seance Company be of service to you? There are several options and event styles that can be accommodated...

Private Event
If you are planning a private soiree, a dinner party, or similar, why not invite the Victorian Seance Company to join you and allow them to create a wonderful evening of seance, spirit communication, and spooky experiences? Utilising the techniques of the fraudulant medium, and all performed in wonderful period dress, this evening show is presented in two or three acts of 45 minutes (depending on your requirements) and feature fascinating demonstrations of psychic and mediumistic ability, mesmeric journeys into previous incarnations, spirit communication with pendulums and the glass, tarot card readings, and much more! However our evenings always end with the thrill of a genuine dark seance in which all guests will hold hands and ask 'is there anybody there?'  All options and requirements will be discussed and agreed prior to your event. Email or call us to receive a free PDF brochure that outlines in detail the ghostly options and spooky entertainments available. Our events work best with between 12 and 20 guests, although smaller parties can be catered for without a problem. For obvious reasons, the private seance event is only suitable for a mature audience, aged 18 and over.

The Victorian Seance Company's seance evenings make wonderful 'add-on' or 'extra' attractions for all manner of conventions! Steampunk, goth, horror, and comic conventions all have a fan-base that ties-in wonderfully with the world of the Victorian seance. Our events always work best with an intimate audience of between 12 and 20 guests, so are perfect to offer as an extra evening event to convention attendees. The Victorian Seance Company are happy to operate these events on a profit-sharing basis or for a flat fee, whatever works best for the convention and offers the best value for money. Please get in touch to discuss options. Making the Victorian Seance Company's events the perfect fit for any convention is always a pleasure.
The Victorian Seance Company can also provide a full 60 minute parlour show, This parlour show provides wonderful evening or daytime entertainment, and encompasses ghostly stories, manifestations of spirit activity, stage magic, and psychic demonstrations, all delivered in an entertaining and engaging manner by a professional performer in period dress. For more details on the parlour show, please visit our sister site 
Sylvia Sceptre

As well as providing seance-based entertainment, the Victorian Seance Company can also provide fun and engaging lectures on the subject of Victorian Seance and Spiritualism. These fascinating lectures are ideal for all manner of groups, clubs, societies, and even just a gathering of interested individuals! They can also be a fascinating part of any convention. The lectures provided can range timewise from 60 minutes to 120 minutes. It is also entirely possible to run longer workshops, in which attendees are given the opportunity to interact with a range of seance props, attempt the techniques of the fraudulant mediums, and experience (if the location is appropriate) a dark seance 'up close and personal'.

Tarot Card and/or Palm Readers
The Victorian Seance Company can provide tarot card and/or palm readers (dressed in wonderful Victorian garb) to add a unique slice of mystery to any event. Operating as either 'mix and mingle' entertainment, or operating from a static location such as a table, a tarot card and/or palm reader will be the talking point of your event! Whether for wedding receptions, corporate events, or private parties, contact the Victorian Seance Company to discuss employing a Victorian tarot and/or palm reader.

No matter what type of event or gathering you have planned, the Victorian Seance Company are always delighted to discuss your requirements. Email or call to receive our free PDF brochure. Wherever the company of ghosts is required, the Victorian Seance Company are the only people who can guarantee making it happen! As someone else said a very long time ago: 'Who you gonna call..?'

Telephone: 0796 1699512